Summer has been busy, but now I have time to take commissions to raise general funds and start saving up for 221B Con 2014!

Sketch (~$10-15):


Lineart (~$20-25):


Color&Shading [no background/solid color background] (~$30-35):


Color [simple background+additional shading] (~40-45$):


  • I will draw from any fandom or original work, as long as you can provide me with reference pictures to work from.
  • I will draw sexually “suggestive” scenes, but no explicit sexual content.
  • All prices are for up to 2 characters and subject to slight variation depending on the complexity of the subject matter. I can draw additional characters for an additional cost.
  • Prices are in USD and payment is accepted only via PayPal.
  • You will receive the hi-res digital file without any watermarks and I will only post the finished work with your permission.

Please e-mail me at with any interest or inquiries (I will provide you with the PayPal email once we have spoken about the details of your commission and begin drawing as soon as payment is received).

Signal boosts appreciated!

BBC Sherlock Holmes & John Watson buttons

Will be available (in addition to several others) at Metrocon 2013!

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Hounds, Acrylic on stretched canvas*, 2012

I uploaded this a long time ago, but I’ve finally scanned and cleaned up the image, so it’s well worth posting here a second time.

*print will be available at Metrocon 2013 in Tampa, FL!

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Rock & Roll, Daddy-O!